About Me

Playwright and Director

I am a playwright and a director. The two roles intertwine in my role as Joint Artistic Director of the for/word company where I direct my own work with a vital cohort of collaborators. Sometimes my plays are staged by other artists, and sometimes I direct other people’s work. I’m Playwright 720 in I Interview Playwrights.

Curator and Advocate

I advocate for playwrights, emphasize the radical importance of self-production, and provide access to venues for experimentation. My greatest strength as a teacher of and advocate for playwrights is getting folks to jump before they think they’re ready, to think bold theatrical thoughts, and to attempt to capture that wild work on the stage.

Scholar and Teacher

As a scholar and a teacher, I am guided by a fascination with the limits and uses of the archive, and the challenges to fair use, copyright, and creative transformation that this work can engender. You can read more about my university teaching here and my scholarship here.